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A treatise on the deluge. Containing I. Remarks on the Lord Bishop of Clogher's account of that event. II. A full explanation of the Scripture history of it. III. A collection of all the principal heathen accounts. IV. Natural proofs of the deluge, deduced from a great variety of circumstances, on and in the terraqueous globe. And, under the foregoing general articles, the following particulars will be occasionally discussed and proved, viz. The time when, and the manner how America wa first peopled.--The Mosaic account of the deluge written by inspiration.--the certainty of an abyss of water within the earth.--The reality of an inner globe or central nucleus.--The cause of the subterranean vapour, and of earthquakes.--The origin of springs, lakes, &c.--The formation of mountains, hills, dales, vallies, &c.--The means by which the bed of the ocean was formed.--The cause of caverns or natural grottos; with a description of the most remarkable, especially those in England.--Also an explication of several lesser phænomena in nature..

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